Hyundai Accent 2011 Philippines: Specs, Price and Photos


Hyundai has come a long way as a car manufacturer.  It is amazing how this Korean company has dramatically changed its image in just a few years.  If you see the current line-up of vehicles from Hyundai, you would think that they were made by a European automaker.

Hyundai’s recent car designs are truly beautiful.  The Sonata looks sleek and stylish, the Tucson looks mean and sexy, and the Elantra recently got a design make-over.  Then the Accent, which used to be a lowly subcompact car, got a major design boost as well.

We used to see the old Accent plying the streets of Metro Manila as taxis. Now it is hard to imagine the new Accent in the form of a taxicab.  The 2011 Accent’s new design complements the design principles implemented by Hyundai in its recent cars.  The lines in the new Accent make you think of the Sonata and the Elantra and to a certain extent, the Tucson.  The design principle is what Hyundai calls “fluidic sculpture”.

The Accent’s new look is modern, unique and stylish.  The grille is beautiful, the headlights are nice, and the foglamp design goes well with the entire front setup.  The lines on the side add character to the car and making it look expensive and classy.  The only thing I don’t like about the new Accent is the design of the taillights.  It appears to break the fluidity of the design and reminds me of the tail lights of the old Honda City.

In terms of overall design, the Hyundai Accent is superior to the Toyota Vios and also possibly beats the Honda City by a hairline.  For features of the 2011 Hyundai Accent and price in the Philippines, refer to the tables below.


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  1. Im new with these cars,im planning to buymy first car, and im considering to buy hyundai accent1.4 at, whats the difference between the 1.6?

  2. i like the new hyundai accent specially the elantra.however, i doubt if there’s available spare parts anywhere unlike vios that you can buy spares even in a small auto shop with affordable  price. although, im not sure if the new hyundai accent is still a diesel.

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