I’ve written about the features and specs of PLDT’s newest Telpad offering that features the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Android tablet.  Now if you have questions about the device and the service, I have here an excerpt of the Frequently Asked Questions section posted on PLDT Telpad’s product page.  I only chose the things I believe most people will ask about the service.

Who can get a PLDT Telpad? Existing PLDT myDSL subscribers who are willing to upgrade to any of the 4 Telpad Plans.
What about non-PLDT subscribers? They have to apply first for a PLDT landline and DSL. Once the DSL service has been installed, subscriber may request for an upgrade to the Telpad plan.
Can I buy a PLDT Telpad? No. The Telpad is given to the PLDT Telpad Plan subscriber to be used for free for the entire duration of the subscription.
Is the Telpad mine after the lock-in period? No. just like the regular PLDT landline handset, the Telpad remains to the property of PLDT.
What if the Telpad breaks down after the lock-in period? Most electronics only have a lifespan of 2-3 years. PLDT will be coming up with a retention program similar to that of cellular phone companies.
What if I want to get another Telpad unit, how much do I pay and what does it include? Additional unit requests are not yet available at this time.
If my company has a landline and DSL, can i get a Telpad? Not at this time. The Telpad is currently being offered to residential subscribers.
What is a Telpad? How is it different from a typical landline or desk phone? Telpad is a wired landline phone and Andriod table all in one. Unlike your ordinary telephone, you can do a lot more than make calls with the Telpad. Its other features allow you to browse the internet, play, multimedia and entertainment files such as videos, music, photos and games.
What does the package include? It includes eight items.
1. Handset
2. Docking Station
3. Tablet
4. Power Adapter
5. RJ-9 Telephone Coil Cord
6. RJ-11 Telephone Cord
7. Micro USB Cable
8. User Manual
What are the Telpad tablet specs? The Telpad tablet features a touch base 7-inch displayScreen resolution is 800×480 pixels with high definition video playback capabilities2 megapixel front-facing camera2GB onboard storageMicroSD card slot may support up to 32GB of memoryRuns on Android™ OS 2.2 (Froyo) and supports Adobe Flash PlayerBluetooth Connectivity
Does the Telpad support 3G? At present, there is only a WiFi model of the Telpad
How long is the battery operating hours of the Telpad tablet? The Telpad tablet runs for 40 hours standby time, approximately 4 hours when playing video
Can I charge my Telpad tablet with the USB port? Yes, although USB ports are usually not enough for charging the Telpad due to the electric design of the tablet and the amount of current a USB port typically supplies.
Can I upgrade my Android™ version to the latest version? No. This Telpad model cannot be upgraded to the latest Android™ version. PLDT, however, will be coming up with retention plans and upgrade options once other units are available.
What software or applications will PLDT support? PLDT will only support and maintain the following specifications:
1. PLDT Homescreen
2. Dialer
3. Audio Manager
4. PLDT@Home, Ask PLDT, PLDT Bill.
Software Updates for the PLDT Homscreen, Dialer, and Audio Manager will be made available at the Andy Market.
How would I lock and unlock the Telpad tablet? To Lock: Click the power button once and you will know that the tablet is locked when the backlights turns off.
To Unlock: Click the power button once and touch the lock icon on your screen and slide upward. The home screen will appear once the tablet is unlocked.
Where will be the default storage for contacts? The Telpad’s built-in memory will be the default storage for your contacts. You MUST back-up your contacts before factory resetting the Telpad as you may lose important information.
Can I connect a mouse or keyboard to the Telpad tablet? Yes, you can connect an external keyboard or mouse to the tablet but it can only be functional on selected applications. Not all external mouse or keyboard are compatible with the device.
Does the Telpad come with an SD card? No. The onboard memory of the Telpad will only be 2GB from T-Flash. Note that an SD card is also needed to store more information for other applications to work like camera, e-book reader, games and other download applications.
Can I call using the handset and Telpad tablet dialer at the same time? No. You can only use one mode at a time. However you could swap from a private call (handset) to the tablet and vice versa.
Can I make a call when the Telpad tablet is not docked? Yes, you can do this but using your handset keypad (Line1). Calling using the Telpad tablet (while not resting on the docking station) is not yet available on Telpad’s current offering. When the VoIP (Line2) service becomes available, only then you make calls directly from the tablet if it is docked.
What are the two active lines in using the Dialer? Line1: Landline
Line2: VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)*   *Available Soon


For the complete FAQ, go here.


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  1. I have my SD card, I already pu it in but why can’t I use the camera and the gallery even the music? It always says ‘No external storage’. How can I have an external storage???

  2. Khean David De Vera Reply

    Magkano po ba yung babayaran pag nag pa repair sa pldt at yung sira lang ng telpad is yung LCD?

  3. hindi makita sa computer ang file nang telepad ko gamit ang usb chord paano po 2

  4. Ganyan din ang nagyari sa telpad ko no command hope na may reply na ang pldt tech. Please reply.. now..

  5. bnjorjen08 Reply

    my pldt telpad gets a system update but it turns out the system update error and the android recovery system pop up even though i reboot it or factory reset it ,it wont work

  6. YeyeNeryVillahermosa Reply

    i was given my first free issue of telpad dual core last april 2, 2014…the office said the locked-in period now is 3 years instead of 2 years…so i can get my new telpad unit on april 2, 2017…right?

  7. helpmepleaseeee Reply

    Pano pay ayaw na makonek ng tablet dun sa telephone? HELP U0001f625U0001f628

  8. How to turn on telpad S7-951wd that doesn’t been charged for 1-2 years.

  9. how to connect to wifi my telpad my password is right and i reset my telpad already but still can’t connect but my cellphone was connected please help thanks

  10. princessjuryne141908 Reply

    Pano po pag ung aura telpad ma7 is nagteturn on sya pero d nman nagpapakita ung menu ang nagpapakita lang is ung start up. PLDT HomeTelpad lng hanggang jn lng tas di na nagpapakita menus

  11. joancorollo Naayos niyo na po ba to? Having the same problem po eh

  12. Paano po iyon nabura lahata ng apps and files sa telpad Pero hindi po nagbabago yung amount ng storage baka full storage pa rin po.. Please patuling po kung paano ayusin ito.

  13. Ano po gagawin pag nawala bigla sounds ng telpad pahelp naman po

  14. harumeme08 Reply

    may firmware po bang ma da donwload ng aura telpad ma7? bootloop po kasi

  15. Chazel Awayan Reply

    Pano kung nawalan ng sound nung telpad pano sia aayusin ?!

  16. joancorollo Reply

    anu ibig sabhin ng docked kc hnd nmin magamit ung landline dhil walang dialtone

  17. PedrongPalad Reply

    Paano halimbawa iblock ang telpad na ninakaw at na isnatch.

  18. Cathmendoza Reply

    Kailangan po ba laging naka plug in ang telephone ng telpad? Sana po may sumagot.. Tunatawag po kasi ako sa 171 laging busy po.

  19. Ano po default password po ng AURA Telpad MA7?..nag-hang po kc pldt telpad po nmin..nstuck n po sya s home screen tapos nahingi po ng 4-digits password..salamat in advance..

  20. PAano na to ang bilis uminit ng telpad nyo. 2 months pa lang kung anu2x na problema. Di gumagaNa yung screen, nag black out. Tumawag aq pinagpasa pasahan lang ako. Naayos ko nlang mag isa yung bulok nyong telpad. Ngayon naman wala ng sound any telpad nyo. Wala na akong gana tumawag sa inyo wala naman kayong ginagawa. Sasabihin nyo dalhin ko sa pinakamalapit na paayosan ni pldt. 4 hours na byahe papunta plang don malapit ba yun? Nakakabwisit lang. 1700 na binabayaran namin buWan2x Hindi worth it sa serbisyo nyo.

    • Kami nga 2500 eh bulok tlaga yang hayop na pldt na Yan..kupal. magagaling magsitawag para magalok ng telpad tapos kapag nasira tatawagan mo paiikutin ka Lang…mabaog Sana yang Si Manny pangilinan sa panloloko ng kumpanya nya

  21. Piano na to any bilis uminit ng telpad nyo. 2 months pa lang kung anu2x na problematic. Do humans hung screen, nag black out. Tumawag aq pinagpasa pasahan lang aki. Naayos ko Malang mag is a hung bulok nyong telpad. Ngayon naman wala ng sound any telpad nyo. Wala na along gana tumawag sa into wala naman kayong ginagawa. Sadabihin nyo dalhin ko sa pinakamalapit na paayosan no pldt. 4 hours na byahe papunta plant din malapit na yun? Nakakabwisit lang. 1700 na binabayaran naming Hindi worth it sa serbisyo nyo.

  22. gingergervacio Reply

    help po my pldt telpad na stuck sa logo tapos ng itry ko e hard reset fail ano po pweding gawin, salamat po sa makakatulong.

    • same problem. when tried hard reset. shows android logo with exclamation point. pero no command or no options. power cycled the device pero stuck on logo screen loading. waited about 30mins.

      • Same problem din po. Stuck up lang sya sa pldt logo. I tried to reset it pero ganon pa din. Please help. Thanks.

  23. 2zHH46Y3Kh
     I am now a subscriber to pldt plan 1299 pesos per month, by which I
    get a landline telephone connection and a dsl internet connection; it is all
    right compared to what I used to suffer with Globe wireless landline and
    internet access; that does not mean that I am altogether happy with pldt,
    though: but that is the situation in the country and I can’t do anything about
    it because that is not my job, on the other hand, we do have a useless corrupt
    government because our politicians are corrupt, very very very very very corrupt.
    Now, tell me, how much will I save if I get a tablet and get a wifi service,
    but not accepting the pldt telpad offer.

    • Ganyan din ang nagyari sa telpad ko no command hope na may reply na ang pldt tech. Please reply.. now..

  24. VellIngeniero Reply

    Help po ask ko LNG HND po b brand new ung lollipop quadtab? Kc I think second owner n kme ang dali po uminit nung tab pg nka charge sumabog nga po ung charger ei ska ung sound nia umuugong? almost 1 month p LNG sken ganito n? I want to return it back.

  25. KenlyMarcGarciaSarmiento Reply

    Need help! Yung telpad QS ko po nung nag empty battery di na nagccharge kahit icharge ko pa ng whole day sa dock nya or direct. Kahit ngayon di pa sya nag oopen. Almost 2 weeks ko na syang pinag papahinga at pinaulit ulit ang process na icharge for several hours tapos ittry iopen pero failed pa din. I need help po. What should I do? TIA!

  26. Hi po. Ask ko lng pag receive nyo po ba ng tab my password? Ganun kse yun sken. Gang ngayon di ko pa nagamit. Di ko kse alam password. Help po…

  27. ra08  ganun din ung sa telpad ko pag nag install ka kailangan mo pang emove ung iba . then madali syang uminit . nkka init din ng ulo .☺

  28. pano po ayusin ung battry ng telpad? almost 1 day ko na chinacharge yung battery pero ang tagal ma fully charge,, please help nmn po

  29. d q kc magamit sd card q sa telpad need q pa move to sd card .. wla po bang direct na sa sd card  masasave lahat ng ddL?

  30. mhikann0421 Reply

    good day po. ask ko lang po hindi kasi ngchacharge ung telpad namen kapag po naka connect sa charger hindi po gumagana, kapag binunot namn po ung charger nya ndi npo nag oopen ano po kaya dapat gawin tnx po.

  31. talalamayh Reply

    para sa mga nagblackout bgla ung telpad, then pag ioopen, ung logo lang ng pldt ung lumalabas. Press niyo ung power + volume down kapag nagvibrate, bitawan niyo ung power then continue lang ung pag press sa volume down hanggan sa lumabas ung android na nakahiga, it means “resting” and nakalagay pa sa baba, “no command” after that click nio ung power para lumabas ung pag pipilian, volume down para pumili kung alin don, press “factory reset/wipe out” then after non magpoprocess un tapos lalabas ulit ung pagpipilian then click nio ung  reboot now. Then wait niyo lang. Mag oopen na yan :)) Goodluck guys! :)

  32. winsid120289 Reply

    SiR nag Unfortunately , Core has stopped ang telpad ko di ko ma open2x ang Telpad tuloy……

  33. pano po pag nag blacked out yung telpad, sinagad ko lang naman po yung brightness sa zero tapos yun nag blacked out

  34. Pano po pag di nag chacharge ang telpad???ano po gagawin ilang beses ko na tinry mpero wala pa rin nangyari …parulong naman ho sainyo..ano po ba gagawin??

  35. Hello, I just charged my tablet… the percent was * then when I checked it became 2 until it’s dead… and now I’m charging it but it won’t open, it just shows the pldt home telpad then blank HELP PLEASE

  36. kyla shakira Reply

    how to fix my telpad if it keeps saying “unfortunately, core has stopped” please help me kasi po di ko na po mapindot yung telpad ko po pag pinindut ko sasabihin nito na unfortunate, core has stoppe

  37. There is no GPS in my pldt telpad 1.6 gig quadcore.location off can not turn on.

  38. Unfortunately , Core has stopped (it appears every second) pleas help

  39. Ian Alunan Reply

    Someone help me ung telpad ko po na brightness zero ko then black nlng sya lahat! D ko na po mkita kung pno sya maibabalik sa dati

  40. Bakit po automatic na nagswitch off yung wifi ng tablet hindi ko tuloy magamit yung tablet??

    • Jaemi Lou Bartolome Reply

      Ganyan din po akin hindi magamit , ayaw bumukas ng wifi or hot spot , panu kaya gagawin

  41. Nightmare talaga ang telpad ko. Una nakumbinsi ako ng bading na marketer sa tawag nya na upgrade aki kasi daw bibilis ang signal ko, bukod doon quadcore daw ang tellad, ad may free cp pa daw… oo agad ako, at sabi ideliver within 2 wks. In short, nadeliver yung telpad at nagmamadali daw yung nagiwan nito. Wala naman yung sabi na free cp, dual core kng ang tablet, at worst parang lalo pang bumagal net ko. Halos 1 month ako matyaga tumatawag sa PLDT na nagmamakaawa, kasi need ko talaga ang net. Hayop talaga at puro palpak ang gumawa. Ok, gumagana na pero sa araw lng, nagtyagaan ko na kasi andyan na e, ang problema nung isang araw lng nagshutdown yung tellad, ayaw na gumana. Nabubwisit na ako, di ko alam kung sino tatawagan at ano number tatawagan sa PLDT. Gusto ko nang paghahampasin ang mga ito, sirang sira bawat araw ko dito.

  42. Ung telpad nagamit lng at until 2nd week… now hindi na magamit kc always na naka line 2. hindi na magamit ang line 1, pra naring useless ung pad.. and balik gmit ka nanaman sa phone.. what their actually proposed about telpad is really opposite.. prang bininta lng nla ung pad.. ang nothing happen also sa upgrading ng internet, kundi ung monthly bill mo lng ang nabago. pangit din ang mga features ng pad.. local maxado. pra kang bumili ng china tab sa side walk… kinuha nmin ung offer sa telpad.. dahil sa uses ng telephone, na pwd gamitin ung pad without docking on telephone.. and u can call anywhere in mindanao, from phone to phone and now i found out.. na hindi pa pla available un… what our fault is.. we search after we avail the unit -_-  kc nga dami na ng lapses and its really useless.. to all who wants to avail….. wag na lng..stick to ur old telephone and buy tab alone. u can choose a good unit pa.

  43. Ask ko po pano maibalik sa line 1ng tab kc ayaw ma click . Lagi naka line 2 . La na dial tone di na magamit ang phone.

  44. sarahjoyag Reply

    ask ko lng po kng ano gagawin, nagfoforce close po ung google play store so niresstart ko po tapos di na po sia mabuhay lagi nlabas ung ‘reset warning’ at di ko po alam kng pano ireset kasi ayaw nia mabuhay..tnx po

  45. Doon po sa tab, paano po ba ilipat line 2 to line 1 and ayaw po mapindot ang keypad . sana po magreply po kayo!

  46. Ricky de guzman Reply

    Hi, ask ko lang do kasi naming matouch ang dialer ng tab kapag nakabit as telephone. Paano po ba ang gagawin?

  47. TimothyDue Reply

    Accidentally Ku na Erase Data and Telpad As :-(
    Paanu ma balik ang Play store

  48. TimothyDue Reply

    Accidentally Ku na erase data any telpad Qs. Hindi Ku mabalik Hung play store

  49. Pano po page nagkaron ng crack ung screen?..ano po pwedeng gawin?..

  50. cedrickramirez66 Reply

    kailangan po ba . sariling charger niya? ayaw kase magcharge sa ibang charger.

  51. San po nkkbili nang touch pannel and lcd nang telpad nbasg kc yung akin

  52. angelsuzanne Reply

    Hagang ngayung hindi parin ng blue parang yung telpad namin may sira

  53. angelsuzanne Reply

    First yung telpad namin na drain, pag charge ko nag restart yung telpad namin, nag log in ng google etc. Tapos ok na nungmga after months na, parang na drain yata yun makacatch parin cya ng wifi namin kaso nga hindi cya nag blue pero hindi parin cya bumalik mag blue mga 3 weeks. Kala ko normal lang kasi naka experience nako sa telpad namin na bumalik sa na mag blue. Iba na kasi ngayun. Na wla yung file manager, yung dialpad sa pldt. Tinry kong mag restart pero nawala na yung google play store at google play service. Parang naging cellphone siya kasi may pangsignal kasi siya. May message na siya at iba na yung dialpad. Para na siyang cellphone.pag naka dock wla na yung lalabas sa dialpad. Hindi parin bumalik namag blue yung wifi. Pano po to ibalik sa normal. Please reply me

  54. 1. Will someone let me know how long does it take to re-charge the docking station battery w/c is1000mAh?
    2. Sana meron itong display (dock station) or changing lights if it turns blue means fully charge, when it turns yellow it means near drain if it goes red it means totally drain, then this maybe the time when i need to plug it again to re-charge the battery of the dock station.
    3. Is it ok to contineouslly plug it from the outlet source (im referring to dock station) even if it uses a re-chargeable battery?

  55. How to remove the keypad sound in my tekpad??? Pls help. Thanks

  56. hello po nghang po ang telpad ko after nyang mghang hindi na napapatay o na charge ilang oras na po pero di parin xa bumabalik sa dati anu po kailangan kong gawin dito para maayus

  57. Laralie Monis Reply

    The dock can’t recognize the tablet.. what should i do?

  58. meron ako unang issue ng telpad. tagal n stock skin tas nung ginagamit ko na eh not compatible n mga applications tas ung ibang apps n dl eh laging error. pwede ba iswap sa mga bagong issue n mga telpad ngaun?

  59. MarcAlexis Reply

    nag lock ung telpad ko kelangan ng google account para maopen ulit eh .. naka off ang wifi ko ! tapos nag hard reset na dn ako .. kso walang nanyare ? PANO NA PO ?

  60. MarcAlexis Reply

    @lenny  hold mo po ung power key tska ung volume down ng sabay

  61. Charity Manaois Reply

    pano kapag ayaw mag charge pag charger ang gamit but pag usb port nag chacharge but only 10 seconds  ?? then stop .. anung pwedeng gawin ??

  62. nagkatrojan kanina telpad ko, namatay siya, but just before it shut down, nag flicker ung screen when I tried to download an anti-virus. now pag inoon siya d siya ma on. pano maayos to thx

  63. Horace Templo Reply

    i can’t open the back to install the battery! Is there a lock? I have searched the entire body for locks, can’t open yet. Please help.

  64. tried charging via usb port, not working. charges for about 10 seconds then stops. tried it on 3 different PCs. is this normal?

  65. Desjay_2000 Reply

    Is there available hard case that fits for pld telpad use? thanks…….

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