If you’re wondering how the Windows Phone UI is like, there’s a way you can try it out without having to hold a Windows Phone device.  Microsoft has provided a way for iPhone and Android users to try out Windows Phone right from the browsers on their phones.

If you’re an iPhone or Android phone user, you just need to open your browser, point to http://aka.ms/wpdemo and you’ll be brought to an emulation of the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Now don’t expect much. It’s just an emulation of the Windows Phone UI.  You will be able to tap tiles and you will get a feel of how the OS works.  What you can’t do is launch the actual apps.

I tried it on my iPhone and it works.  Transitions were smooth.  Here are screenshots of Windows Phone UI on my iPhone.




Give it a try!


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  1. Kung wla kaung android o iPhone.. try n’yo nlng s browser n gmit n’yo ngaun!!

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