iPhone 5 Mock-up Draws Inspiration from Magic Mouse?

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Until the real iPhone 5 design is revealed by Apple, anyone is free to imagine how the next iPhone will look like.  There are a lot of iPhone 5 mock-ups on the internet but they are only good for showing off people’s designing skills more than giving people a real picture of how the next iPhone will look like.  That’s because Apple is so good at hiding it’s upcoming products that people only get to see the design when the actual product is unveiled.  Except of course for the iPhone 4 which was left in a bar and landed in the hands of Gizmodo.

Ciccarese is only one of the few who comes out with mock-ups of upcoming devices.  Its iPhone 5 mock-up is both elegant and funny.  It clearly draws inspiration from a lot of apple devices, among which are the MacBook (see the metallic silver back finish?), the current iPhone, and definitely Apple’s Magic Mouse.  Look at these photos of Ciccarese’s iPhone 5 concept design.

The front part of the device is kinda cool.  It can actually pass for an actual product from Apple. I like the curved edges and the thin bezel on the sides.  Flip it over and you will see how the design is inspired by the Magic Mouse.  I don’t believe Apple will ever come out with a phone with this kind of back design.  First of all, it looks hilarious. Second, it’s not functional.  Just imagine placing this phone on a table.  It will be unstable and will be prone to scratches due to the phone’s movement.

Still, this is a beautiful concept design.  What do you think?

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  1. maganda sana kung pwede talaga syang gamitin as an actual mouse. :D

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