Photos of Alleged iPhone 5 Leaked


iLab Factory has leaked photos of what could be the next iPhone.  The photos are so far consistent with the rumors so far, but then again, these are just rumors and we know how Apple can surprise everyone come launch time.  Remember the rumors that circulated before the launch of the iPhone 4S?

In any case, the rumors have so far pointed to a bigger screen for the iPhone 5, somewhere in the vicinity of 4 inches.  There’s also supposed to be a metal back, which could mean a more sturdy iPhone considering how fragile the glass material is on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  Then more credible sources say the next generation iPhone will feature a 19-pin connector instead of the current 30-pin type, making way for a repositioned 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.  Then there are other persistent rumors like the inclusion of NFC, LTE and possibly a thinner glass panel that makes will give the iPhone 5 a slightly thinner profile.

Here are the photos from iLab Factory.  These are alleged assembled parts of the next iPhone, without the more important parts inside.   The design is much like the iPhone 4S, only longer.


The pictures above are consistent with what was shown on this video comparing an alleged iPhone 5 frame to the iPhone 4S.

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