Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 Outed


Huge is in and Samsung is partly to blame for this.  The Korean company was brave enough to introduce the Galaxy Note last year and while most people thought it will not sell much, it turned out to be a surprise hit for Samsung.  So much so that the sequel, rumored to be simply called the Galaxy Note II, is planned to be announced in a few days.

Now Samsung wants the same strategy with its media players.   We have seen 4.2-inch and 5-inch media players from Samsung in the past but apparently, it wants to shove a bigger form-factor down our throats.   A soon to be launched product goes by the name Galaxy Player 5.8, where 5.8 describes the 5.8-inch display size.  The strategy of making products of all imaginable variants worked well for Samsung in the tablet and smartphone categories.  Now it wants to do the same in the PMP or media player category.

The Samsung Galaxy 5.8 is huge for a pocketable media player, but then again Samsung could prove us wrong if it sells truckloads of this stuff once again.  The display size of 5.8 inches actually goes near tablet territory, so if you are planning on buying this, you could just as well treat it as a tablet more than a media player.

The known specs of the Galaxy Player 5.8 are scant for now as the official launch is still scheduled a few days from now.   What have been discovered, so far are the 960×540 display resolution, Android 4.0 OS with TouchWiz skin, 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage, a microSD slot, a front VGA camera and a 2,500mAh battery.  The design looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3, so that’s a good thing.

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