Cherry Mobile to Launch a Quad-Core Device, Possibly a Tablet

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I just got an invite from Cherry Mobile for a launch event that will feature a quad-core device.  The invite is in the nature of a teaser so it’s not clear if what will be unveiled at the event is a smartphone or a tablet.  Cherry Mobile is slowly building a reputation of offering the latest mobile technology in a very cheaply priced package.  The company appears to be employing a strategy that Samsung is known about, that is, to bombard the market with several products that cater to almost every consumer category there is.   Cherry Mobile unveiled a slew of Android handsets that run the latest operating system and pack decent specs and the nice thing about these products is they are very, very cheap.  As to product quality, that is a matter that’s better left to the consuming public.   The latest product to have been officially unveiled was the Cherry Mobile Titan TV, a 6-inch “phablet” that has a built in TV tuner.   Before that we saw the company unveil the Blaze, Rave, Flare, Titan, Cruize and Thunder.  This list is far from complete but you see the picture.


On February 18, we will again see another new offering from Cherry Mobile.   From the picture above, what I can make out is a tablet, probably a 7-incher.  It’s just too slim for a smartphone and if it’s a smartphone, I will really be impressed.  In any case, the device looks like the Galaxy Nexus 7 from Google and Asus.  The back finish is dotted and looks similar to the faux leather finish on the Nexus 7.  The device is slim even for a tablet so this could be another hot seller from Cherry Mobile.   What we see from the photo so far are three buttons on the side which are most likely volume buttons and a power button.  We will know very soon as the launch date is just a few days away.  I will certainly update this post or make another post as soon as the details are revealed.  For now, all we can do really is guess.   This also goes with the details on the clock speed or make of the quad-core CPU that will be powering up the device.  For the operating system, the device is most likely running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich but a Jelly Bean version is a big possibility considering that the device is powered by a quad-core CPU.

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