iPhone 6 Concept with Wraparound Display

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Apple has a pending patent application for a wraparound display which some predict will be in the next iteration of the iPhone.  It’s just a prediction and since Apple guards its secrets so tightly, there’s no telling at this point if a wraparound type of display will indeed make its way to the next iPhone, be it called the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.

A wraparound display goes from the front onto the back of the device, using both front and back surfaces to put a touch screen display.  Conceptually, this is easy to imagine but in terms of practicality and ease of use, it seems quite off.  I don’t see the use of a display that goes to the back since it will require the user to flip the phone every now and then.  Apple may come up with software tricks that can make this concept work, and we may end up being impressed again, but something tells me a wraparound display will not become a feature of the next iPhone, not yet at least.


A video featuring a render of an iPhone 6 concept design has been uploaded on YouTube.  The design shows how the wraparound display could be implemented.  The concept uses a 1615 x 1800 resolution display, Facetime HD front facing camera, NFC and lighting connector.  The video shows possible features like gesture controlled virtual buttons and wraparound panoramas.

Here’s the video featuring the iPhone 6 concept design.


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  1. Stifmeister Reply

    the problem that i see with this concept is that how would you hold it? seriously? if both the back and front part is a touch screen then you are prone to accidentally open some apps and it would really be annoying.

  2. the wraparound display isn’t something new. Samsung already showed this concept last year so i’m not so sure if Apple can patent that without any pending legalities

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