Angry Birds Friends Coming to Android and iOS

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The popular Facebook game Angry Birds Friends is coming to Android and iOS devices according to its maker Rovio.  Angry Birds Friends is much like the original game Angry Birds but it has a social aspect, which made it a hit on Facebook as the game is now said to have about 60 million users.  As to how many of these users are active, it’s not so clear.

The social features of Angry Birds Friends lets users compete with their friends, publish their scores, and earn gold, silver, and bronze crowns if they become top scorers.  On Facebook, users can give their friends mystery gifts like power-ups and others.  Power ups vary in forms and abilities.  Users can earn power-ups by playing the game, receiving them as a mystery gift from a friend, or purchasing them.

The mobile version of Angry Birds Friends will allow players to top their own scores in order for them to accumulate points which will then let them qualify for the next level of the game.  The game also gives users the chance to challenge other players in tournaments and win medals in the process.


By making the game Angry Birds Friends available on Android and iOS devices, it is bringing the social feature of the game to mobile devices.  This will certainly expand the user base of the game and bring it beyond desktops.  According to Rovio, the game will launch on May 2 on both platforms but pricing is still unknown.  Hopefully the game will be offered for free.

Here’s the official launch trailer of Angry Birds Friends.

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