Motorola’s New Logo Unveiled by Google

We all know that Google acquired Motorola. The acquisition has spawned debates in the past and most people think the move was seen as a strategy to strengthen Android since Motorola owns a lot of patents related to mobile technology.  We have never really felt that Google tried to control Motorola considering that we saw no real influence from Google since the acquisition.

Now, however, it appears that Google is starting to make some changes in Motorola.  The first notable change that is obviously dictated by Google is the logo.  In the TechWeek Conference sponsored by Motorola, the new logo was unveiled and it now looks like the image you see below.


This is a very different logo we’re seeing Except for the shape of the letter “M”, the rest are new.  The ring containing different colors is something in line with Google’s design principles and the overall look is now gentler and easier to the eye. The Google brand is also now included as a tagline so the public should now know who owns Motorola.  Rumors say that the Motorola X phone is in the works and perhaps the change in image will tell us that Google is also finally controlling the design of the upcoming Android phone.

In case you have forgotten, here is the old logo from Motorola.


Which one do you like better?

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