First Trailer for Tom Cruise’s New Film “Edge of Tomorrow”

Tom Cruise always is good at playing roles in sci-fi films.  He was good on Minority Report and he also delivered a great performance in Oblivion.  Now Tom Cruise is in another sci-fi film called Edge of Tomorrow and if the actual movie is as good as the first trailer, then I can say with conviction that it will be a monster hit.  The movie trailer is that good, and the story is quite compelling.

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Poster

The plot for Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel entitled All You Need Is Kill.  It’s another time loop movie so if you liked Looper, you’ll probably love this as well but it has more action than ten Looper movies combined.

In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise stars as Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an officer who is killed in action while trying to fight off an aliens.  He however wakes up and the day repeats.  The physical contact with an alien brought him into a time loop.  He fights the battle repeatedly but he became better over time with the help of Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski played by Emily Blunt, who also went into a time loop like himself.

Edge of Tomorrow will be shown in June 4, 2014.  That’s a long way from now but at least we know there’s one good film coming.

Here is the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow.

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