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Attack of the Clones! Google and Apple Fight Flappy Bird Clones

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Flappy Bird (3)

Flappy Bird lives on! With it’s sudden demise, a multitude of clones began popping up to take advantage of the game’s success. Several developers are reporting that Flappy games are being pulled from both Google Play and the App Store. Apple commented that the company isn’t simply removing games with the word “flappy” in its titles, but are targeting those games that are clearly trying to trick people (those that pretend to be ¬†associated with the original game). Google has yet to comment.

While some developers got lucky and managed to profit from the original’s successes early on, others are out of luck. Most flappy games have already changed their name in response to the take down.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think it’s fair that other developers earn money by “copying” a successful game? Or is it just business?

Source The Verge


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