PhilCare and Samsung Launch NFC-Powered Membership Cards

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PhilCare has partnered with Samsung to offer the country’s first NFC-capable membership card. The use of NFC technology makes the availment of health services from hospitals faster, more efficient, and close to paperless.


NFC Powered

NFC or near field communication is a form of wireless, radio-wave technology, that allows the transfer of data between two enabled devices in a single tap. The technology has been around for some time now and is used by banks, retail, transport, and service providers worldwide and has been deployed to accommodate wireless payments.


In the case of PhilCare, the account details of it’s members are encoded on the membership cards. It can then be easily accessed by hospitals and clinics with NFC-enabled Samsung devices, allowing for quicker and more efficient transactions.

“We are proud to introduce this new technology to the HMO industry. We’ve been looking for the best technology to make medical services smoother and more convenient for our clients and providers and NFC seems to be the perfect fit for this goal,” said Noemi Azura, CEO & President, PhilCare.

NFC-powered PhilCare members can now enjoy the service in over 200 service providers of PhilCare with NFC-capable phones from Samsung.

The launch of its new membership cards is only one of the many innovations PhilCare has set up to affirm its position as a pioneer in the health care industry. In 2013, PhilCare launched its mobile application GO! Mobile, becoming the first HMO provider to bring the service to its members.

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