Google releases Gboard, a new app for the iPhone that lets users search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more,  from their keyboard.


Google’s Gboard

The app, officially called Gboard — Search. GIFs. Emojis & more. Right from your keyboard, has a Google button that lets its users do web searches, Gifs, images, locations, and emojis without leaving the keyboard. Technically, anything you can search on Google, can be searched with Gboard. It works on any app on the iPhone (as the default keyboard), and you can paste search results on the text box.

Gboard also has a “swipe” feature called Glide Typing, wherein you can just slide over the letters, spelling the words you want to use.

Here’s a video by Google explaining Gboard:

YouTube video

Gboard actually looks very interesting, especially to those looking for more functionality from the iPhone’s keyboard. But it is currently only available in the US App Store. And even though Google mentioned that it is working on adding more languages, we still have no idea when it will become available globally. Hopefully, it gets here soon (and maybe, availability in Android as well). You can check out the app here.

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