iPhone X price: Philippines and Asia comparison

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Still planning to get an iPhone X? Well then, if you’re not averse to traveling, the iOS device is most affordable in Japan and Hong Kong. 

iphone x price philippines

iPhone X Price in select Asian countries

In this morning’s edition of BusinessWorld (BW), the publication compiled a list of prices of the iPhone X in select Asian countries. The paper checked the listed price through each country’s Apple website, and used November’s average exchange rate to convert the currencies. The prices are compared with US as the benchmark with a price of USD999.

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Here’s the infographic from BW. You can see how fast the prices climb as it goes down the list. According to publication, the base iPhone X in the Philippines is 26 percent more expensive (after adding sales and import taxes) compared to that of the US. The price in Japan is only USD0.50 more, and then jumps to USD100 more in Hong Kong. On the list, South Korea and India are at the bottom with prices of USD1,286.50 and USD1,372.20 respectively.

iphone x price philippines

Its not a surprise that the iPhone X is cheaper in the US. But if you read articles and comments, you’ll notice that they already find it expensive there. What more when taxes, shipping costs, etc. start to pile up in other countries. Regardless of price though, is it worth it?

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