A report on Sina claims the recent ARM suspension will have little effect on Huawei’s chips business.

Recently, ARM has suspended its partnership with Huawei, effectively cutting off the Chinese company from accessing ARM core patents and intellectual property rights needed in the manufacturing of chipsets.

This might have little effect on Huawei’s chip business, if recent reports are to be believed. According to a post on Sina, Huawei has obtained permanent license for ARM8 architecture which allows the company to “completely develop ARM processors for a long time, independent of the external environment.”

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This means Huawei can continue to research, manufacture and use their homegrown processors regardless of the ARM suspension.

ARM8 is the 32/64-bit instruction set of ARM. Current processors that use its architecture design include the Kunpeng 920 and Kirin 980.

Hopefully, the US – China trade dispute will end soon. These events not only hurt Huawei, but other industries as well.

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Source: Sina, Via: GizGuide


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