Huawei back with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD alliances

As sudden as Huawei was removed from the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SD alliances, they were just as easily received back in, albeit silently.

Huawei quietly restored its membership to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Bluetooth SIG, and the SD Association, thus ensuring Huawei’s access to key device features in connection (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and storage (SD cards).

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The news comes a few days after it was announced that the Chinese company’s membership to these alliances were temporarily revoked in the wake of Trump’s assault against the tech giant.

For those unfamiliar with what’s happening, Huawei was placed on a trade blacklist by the US government citing security concerns. This barred the company access to key US technologies, including access to Google services, Android, and ARM among other things.

Despite the ban, both Android and Huawei allayed concerns saying current Huawei devices will not be affected and will still get support and updates.

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