No Vanish Mode yet? How to use Messenger’s Secret Conversations

Facebook is slowly rolling out Vanish Mode on Messenger, initially available in select countries such as the US and a few others. Unfortunately, its not yet available in many areas, including the Philippines. But if its disappearing messages you’re after, you can use Messenger’s Secret Conversations.

To be clear, Secret Conversations is not a new feature of Messenger. It has been around for quite some time, released way back in 2016. The service offers end-to-end encryption, as well as what this post is about — messages that disappear after a set period of time.

If you know how to use it, good for you. But for those who don’t, read on.

How to use Secret Conversations in Messenger

  1. To start using Secret Conversations, create a new message by tapping on the pencil icon.
  2. Toggle the switch with the padlock on the upper right hand corner of the screen. On iOS, tap Secret. Choose a recipient. Take note that you can’t use Secret Conversations on groups.
facebook messenger secret conversations
  1. After choosing a recipient, you’ll be taken to a new Secret Conversation window.
  2. After typing your message, you can set an expiration time by tapping on the stopwatch icon. You can choose between 5 seconds, all the way to a day.
facebook messenger secret conversations
  1. After you send the message, your timer will start. The message will disappear on your end after the timer ends. On the receiver’s end, the timer will start after the message has been read.

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And that’s it. You can now send disappearing messages via Secret Conversations. It also warns you if someone takes a screenshot of the messages (via a quick flash on the screen). And you can also report it to Facebook (in case of misconduct), even after the messages have disappeared.

Vanish Mode is easier and much simpler to use, but if you need disappearing messages (that are also more secure), then this will work for you.

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