Apple released the iOS 15.4 update last week, bringing with it bug fixes and, of course, Face ID that works with a mask for iPhone 12 and up owners.

But recently, some users are complaining of battery drain issues, particularly affecting some older iPhones, along with newer ones like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The issue, however, does not affect everyone. Some even claimed to have better battery life.

The cause of the battery drain is still unknown. Some are pointing to ProMotion on higher models with claims the iPhones stay on higher refresh rates on some apps more than usual, while some say its 5G that’s causing the drain. But that doesn’t explain other devices (with just 60Hz refresh rates) that are affected.

Still, it’s too early to panic. Apple said that the changes in battery life are normal, usually experienced for up to 48 hours after installation. It could also be caused by apps that developers have not yet updated or optimized for iOS 15.4.

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Maybe the issue would disappear after a few more charging cycles. For now, it might be best to just sit tight. Apple will surely release another update to fix it.

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