MMDA targets new number coding implementation in May, aims to reduce 40% traffic volume

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has submitted a proposal for a new number coding scheme to the Metro Manila Council. The new number coding will prohibit private vehicles from plying major roads in Metro Manila twice a week, from 5PM to 7PM.

The target date for implementation is on May 1, pending the approval of the Metro Manila Council, composed of 17 mayors from the National Capital Region (NCR), expected to come after Holy Week.

MMDA Chair Romando Artes said that they expect the new coding scheme to reduce traffic by as much as 40% during rush hour.

The scheme applies to private vehicles, and will not affect public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, taxis, buses, and transport network vehicles.

New Coding Scheme

Plate Numbers EndingProhibited Days
1 and 2Monday, Wednesday
3 and 4Monday, Thursday
5 and 6Tuesday, Thursday
7 and 8Tuesday, Friday
9 and 0Wednesday, Friday

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