YouTube is shutting down YouTube Go this August

YouTube Go is shutting down at the beginning of August this year. The Android app was released in 2016, and developed for emerging markets with low-end devices, limited connectivity, and high data prices.

If you’re a YouTube Go user, YouTube recommends installing and transferring to the main YouTube app or accessing its desktop site ( on a browser. The company has made improvements to the main YouTube app that let it deliver a similar or better experience versus the Go version, even on low-end devices with limited connectivity conditions.

What’s more, the YouTube team said its building out additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data.

One of the main features of YouTube Go was the ability to download and save high-quality videos for viewing offline at a later date. The main YouTube app only allows Medium and Low-quality downloads. Those on the main app who wants higher quality downloads can do so only on the Premium plan. This is likely one of the reasons why they’re retiring YouTube Go.

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But more importantly, the app may not be as needed as before. Low-end devices have been improving every year, becoming more and more capable, and more emerging countries have better mobile connectivity services. This makes YouTube Go less essential.


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