How to report smishing and text scams to the NTC, Smart, and Globe

Smishing and text scams are at an all-time high in the Philippines. Chances are, you’ve received one yourself. Should you want to report it or have been a victim of one, here’s how to do it.

How to identify text scams

Smishing and text scams come in different forms. But the most common ones in the Philippines are often fake job offers, lucky winners, bonus cash, and other similar money scams from unknown prepaid numbers. Most recently, text scams have become more personalized and include the actual names of the intended victims.

Text scams also come with a link, which you should never ever open.

What to do when you receive a text scam

First thing is to ignore the message and not engage the scammer. Do not open the links in the text. It could lead to a fake site meant to steal your information, infect you with malware, or compromise your social media, banking, and e-wallet apps.

Before deleting the text, make sure to get a screenshot of it first.

How to report a smishing or text scam

Submit a report to NTC

  1. Take a screenshot of the text scam.
  2. Go to and click on the Text Scam Complaints link.
  3. Once there, fill in the required information. You will be asked to upload a screenshot of the text scam as well as a photo or scanned image of a valid government-issued ID.
  4. Click submit. You should see a message that the report was successfully sent.

You can also email your concerns to The email subject should be “Text Scam Complaint,” and should include your complete name, address, email, and contact number, along with the complained cellphone number. Also, attach a screenshot of the text scam and a photo or scanned image of your valid government-issued ID.

NTC Consumer Hotline numbers:

  • +632 8920 4464
  • +632 8926 7722
  • +632 8921 3251

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Submit a report to Smart

If you’re a Smart subscriber, you may email your concerns to The telco has not yet shared guidelines on what to include in the email. At the moment, let’s assume the requirements will be similar to the others.

The email should include:

  • Your name, mobile phone number, and email address.
  • A screenshot of the spam or scam text message. The screenshot should include the sender’s mobile number, the timestamp of the message/call, and the full spam/scam message.

Submit a report to Globe

For Globe subscribers, here’s how to report a spam or scam text message.

  1. Go to Globe’s #StopSPAM page (
  2. Upload a screenshot of the spam or scam text message. The screenshot should include the sender’s mobile number, the timestamp of the message/call, and the full spam/scam message.
  3. Fill in the required information. (Sender’s mobile phone number, your Globe/TM mobile phone number, your email address).
  4. Click agree and the Recaptchat tag, and submit.

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    please help me this number scam me 09389592771 please help me find this person she had code name Christine palacio or tahnia Palacio please help me find this person

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    hi, i think i was scam today 4hrs ago. someone calls me identified himself from gcash. that time i was so busy on work. he told me if i know someone name chona mae…, with a transaction to loan 30,000. he is only call to confirm, i said no i dont know her, so he got lots of words telling me how to clear my account at lots of advice and what should i do. in short there was a time he ask my mpin on gcash to easily setting up my account, that time i didnt think first i should never give to someone my mpin and i quickly tell him my mpin while he is talking after a minute i was wake my mind and i said oh, i forgot thats my old pin. but he is still talking something and told me something he is working then suddenly hang up the phone. that time i check his number first and call him but its busy. and i check my g ash but surprised my 2,250.00 was not there. i check my gcash transaction and saw that my 2,249.00 was use to pay in shoppee. i will use my money to pay my SSS this end of the month. please help me if theres a way to get my money.

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    How to block my device so no one can use it . I lost my phone this day around 10am to 12pm july 3 2023

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