iOS 16 adds haptic feedback for the keyboard; Here’s how to enable it

For those who know, Apple has recently released iOS 16 to supported iPhones. The update included many features, but one surprise that I recently came across was Apple adding haptic feedback for the keyboard.

This, along with the newly integrated battery percentage, are among the features I was surprised to see. Haptic feedback is one of the features I appreciated on Android phones with tactile vibration motors.

With iOS 16’s haptic feedback, typing is accompanied by a soft vibration, which makes the experience more intuitive.

So, how do you activate haptic feedback for the keyboard? Go to Settings> Sounds & Haptics> Keyboard Feedback and toggle Haptic to turn on.

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Take note that enabling haptics on the keyboard might affect battery life, so keep that in mind when your goal is to have your iPhone last as long as possible in a day.

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