The Indian government confirmed USB Type-C will become the mandatory charging port for mobile devices in the country, starting in March 2025.

The ruling comes as the European Union (EU) moved to make UBS-C “the common charging port” in October 2022. The EU believes that a unified charging port will help reduce e-waste.

Of course, not all devices are required to have USB-C charging ports. Feature phones, wearables, and hearables are exempted. All future laptop models, however, should also feature USB-C charging connections soon.

With two large markets moving to USB-C, all eyes are on Apple. In this day and age, the whole iPhone ecosystem is still using the lightning port. Only the iPad and iPad Pro models have moved on to USB-C.

India has the second-largest population in the world, next to China. It has over a billion residents and is largely seen as one of the most important smartphone markets. Those two reasons alone are enough to convince any tech company, including Apple, to USB-C, lest they risk losing a huge substantial market.

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Worries about the iPhone’s lightning port predicament may be premature. Rumors say Apple is already testing USB-C for iPhones, and we might see it on iOS devices in 2023.

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