How to renew your motor vehicle registration online

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After the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) big announcement about the availability of online motor vehicle registration renewal on the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) portal, the agency released a simple infographic detailing how to do just that.

The LTMS portal should make renewing your car registration faster, eliminating the need to go to LTO offices.

However, there are some caveats. LTO clarified that only those who have an existing record of their vehicle registration on the LTMS portal can proceed with the online process.

If not, then you need to go to any LTO district office and have the agency’s personnel complete the online registration on the LTMS portal for you. After this, your registration details will be reflected on the portal, allowing you to register your vehicle online for subsequent years.

For those who already have a record of their vehicle registration on the LTMS portal, here is LTO’s latest process on how to do it.

Create an account on the LTMS portal

First, make sure you already have an account on the LTMS portal. Registration is straightforward. Start by clicking on “Register Now”.

Read the “Terms of Agreement” and accept the terms. Don’t forget to enter the security code. Choose “Enroll as an Individual” and proceed with the registration process. You can create an account whether or not you have a driver’s license. Fill up the registration information and submit the necessary requirements.

You will be sent a verification link to your chosen email address. After verifying, nominate a new password.

LTO Guidelines

Before proceeding to the LTMS portal, you need a couple of things.

  • Secure the Certificate of Coverage (COC) from their preferred insurance provider. They will transmit the COC to the LTMS.
  • Secure an inspection report from the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC). They will also transmit the inspection report to the LTMS.

Other guidelines are listed below.

LTO LTMS Portal Online MV Registration Renewal
From LTO Facebook

LTMS Online MV Registration Renewal Process

Once you have the requirements, log in to the LTMS portal to go through the online MV registration renewal application process. Your COC number and Inspection number should already be on the system.

After setting the online payment and the system will generate the Official Receipt (OR). It will also be sent to your email and also viewable on the LTMS portal.

That’s it. You’re done.

LTO LTMS Portal Online MV Registration Renewal
From LTO Facebook

Image: Kendrick Fernandez (Unsplash)

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