Next-gen leaders must embrace digital savvy and risk-taking, says businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan

MVP believes that the leaders of tomorrow need to possess a unique set of qualities.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a prominent businessman and Chairman of PLDT Manuel V. Pangilinan, or MVP as he’s more popularly known, believes that the leaders of tomorrow need to possess a unique set of qualities.

According to Pangilinan, aspiring leaders should not only have exceptional managerial skills but also embody an entrepreneurial spirit. In an interview in Thought Leaders with Cathy Yang, he emphasized the urgent need for more entrepreneurs and risk-takers in the country.

“More than the ability to manage the business, they must also be entrepreneurial. This country needs more entrepreneurs, more risk-takers,” Pangilinan said.

To thrive in the digital age, Pangilinan stressed the importance of being immersed in information technology and possessing digital savviness. He firmly believes that integrating technology into business operations can not only enhance profitability but also improve the lives of customers. “They should also be immersed in IT, be digitally savvy, and believe that tech deployed in the business will improve the business, eventually raise profitability and improve the lives of the customers that we serve,” he added,” Pangilinan stated.

Drawing inspiration from his passion for sports, Pangilinan also underscored the significance of having a winning mindset. He urged future leaders to be determined, striving to achieve their goals like warriors on a battlefield.

Financial and intellectual integrity emerged as key values in Pangilinan’s vision of effective leadership. He stressed the importance of conveying complete and truthful information. “What you communicate must not only be true, but complete,” he emphasized. “Commitment, dedication, and passion for the work–these are also important. Otherwise, it’s just a job. You can’t have that. You really have to have the passion.” To Pangilinan, a job devoid of passion is simply a mundane task that lacks the transformative power leaders should possess.

Furthermore, Pangilinan shed light on the necessity of being tough in challenging situations. Acknowledging the difficulty of playing the role of the “bad guy,” he stated, “It’s tough being the bad guy. I don’t relish being critical, but somebody’s got to do it.”

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