Sony unveils PlayStation Portal, a $200 handheld device for remote play

Play PS5 games anywhere with Portal.

After a brief showcase of Sony’s Project Q, the company announced the new handheld device that will let players stream games from their PlayStation 5 consoles. The device, called PlayStation Portal, is expected to launch later this year for USD 199.99.

PlayStation Portal is not a standalone gaming device, but rather a remote player that connects to a PS5 via Wi-Fi or mobile data. The device has an 8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p, and features the same controls as the DualSense controller, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a touchpad, a microphone, and speakers.

PlayStation Portal remote player

According to Sony, PlayStation Portal is designed to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience for PS5 owners who want to play their games anywhere.

PlayStation Portal is compatible with select PS5 games with remote play. However, the device will not be able to run any games natively, nor will it have any internal storage or other functions besides remote play.

Pulse Elite

Sony also revealed two new wireless audio products that will work with PlayStation Portal: the Pulse Explore earbuds and the Pulse Elite headset. Both products will use a new technology called PlayStation Link, which allows low latency lossless audio from PS5 and PlayStation Portal.

The Pulse Explore earbuds are PlayStation’s first TWS and come with dual microphones and AI-enhanced noise rejection capable of filtering background sounds. It will cost USD 199.99. The Pulse Elite headset will have a similar design and features as the existing Pulse 3D headset, but with improved battery life and sound quality (including lossless audio), and will cost USD 149.99.

Pulse Explore

These will be the first PlayStation audio devices to use custom-designed planar magnetic drivers, capable of audiophile-level listening experience.

PlayStation Portal is Sony’s first handheld device since the PlayStation Vita, which was launched in 2011 and discontinued in 2019. The Vita was a dedicated gaming device that could run games natively or stream them from a PS4, but it struggled to compete with other handheld consoles and mobile gaming.

For more details on PlayStation Portal and its accessories, visit Sony’s official blog.

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