Philippines pushes gender equality in tech with AI policy reform

The new AI policy ensures equal access for women in emerging technologies.
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The Philippine government is developing gender-sensitive policies for artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative was highlighted during a high-level dialogue at the United Nations focusing on women’s rights.

In the 68th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on March 21, DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute Director Franz de Leon highlighted the nation’s commitment to bridging the gender gap in tech, ensuring equal access for girls and women to emerging technologies.

The National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap, unveiled in 2021, initially lacked focus on gender-specific issues. However, efforts are underway to fix this. An AI advisory board, including two women, was established to offer diverse insights and guide the refinement of the roadmap.

The Philippines is not only revising its strategic approach but also taking action. Online training programs in AI, data science, and analytics are being rolled out to empower women with the necessary skills for this digital era.

Support extends to the research sector as well, with the government providing grants for AI projects that prioritize gender sensitivity and inclusivity.

Several laws have also been passed to protect women and girls from potential AI-related risks, including the Magna Carta of Women and the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act.

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