Bill for 24/7 access to government services filed

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Filipinos may soon be able to access government services anytime, anywhere, with a bill filed in the House of Representatives proposing a 24/7 Frontline Service System (FSS) House Bill (HB) 10426, or the “24/7 Frontline Government Services Act,” was filed by AGRI Party-list Rep. Wilbert Lee.

The bill proposes two approaches to improve accessibility. First, it mandates government agencies to identify specific services, dubbed “Zero Contact Services,” that can be completed online. These services would then be made available 24/7 to Filipinos with internet access.

Secondly, HB 1046 proposes extending the operating hours for face-to-face transactions. Under the bill, frontline services and response teams would operate from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. This extended schedule would cater to Filipinos who are unable to visit government offices during the traditional workday.

Lee emphasized that the bill would not just improve convenience, but also boost productivity. “With this continuous operation and government services, our productivity will increase, [and] we will be able to help more of our countrymen,” he explained.

The bill also calls for a working plan to ensure sufficient staffing for the 24/7 response team and extended operating hours.

“The Filipino people deserve better services. So we should demand better,” Lee concluded.

Source: PNA
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