Apple Likely to Unveil Only iPhone 4S and Cheaper iPhone 4


If you are expecting an iPhone 5 on October 4 (October 5, 1 a.m. in thePhilippines), you may be in for a disappointment.  Rumors are getting stronger that Apple is set to unveil only an iPhone 4S, and possibly a cheaper iPhone 4.

An iPhone 4S (N94) could see a minor redesign, but not the teardrop design that has been floated around.  The iPhone 4S is expected to have an Assistant voice navigation feature, a A5 processor with better graphics (similar to that of iPad 2), Eight megapixel camera  with backlit sensor, Nuance speech-to-text, 1GB of RAM which is needed for Assistant, and 16, 32, 64GB of storage.

Along with an iPhone 4S, a cheaper iPhone 4 (N90A) might also be unveiled with the same iPhone 4 design, 8GB of storage and a lower price point.  This may also feature specs lower than the current iPhone 4.

Of course these are all just rumors and until Apple’s announcement on October 4, all we can really do is speculate.

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  1. No one’s celebrating the iPhone 4S announcement. 99% of iPhone fans were expecting a new hardware so most of us are disappointed with no new iPhone hardware.

  2. Gian Centeno Reply

    If only Apple will live stream the event just like they did last year…

  3. Denn Michael Pablo Reply

    Speculations will end soon ^_^

    What ever they release one thing is sure to happen….apple fans will celebrate around the globe

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