iPhone 4S War On as Globe Claims First Batch of Phones


The iPhone 4S war is heating up.  It used to be that the iPhone was exclusive to Globe Telecom but this time, Apple has decided to also tap the services of Smart Communications in distributing the highly poupular, Siri-touting iPhone 4S.

The first area of the battle was the official announcement for the availability of the iPhone 4S.   Smart was first to announce on its website that the iPhone 4S was officially to be carried by the network, with the date December 16, 2011 as the official launch of the phone.  Globe also announced the availability of the iPhone 4S on the network but no date was indicted on the announcement.  A few days after, the date December 16, 2011 was also shown as the launch date of the iPhone 4S.

Now the battle has naturally shifted to the actual availability of the handsets.  Globe was quick to announce on its website and on its Facebook page that its stocks of iPhones were the first to arrive in the Philippines, days ahead of the official launch on December 16, 2011.  It posted a photo of the stocks being received by Globe representatives.  See photo below.

The company also claimed on the same announcement that the number of online pre-orders for the iPhone 4S continues to swell.  Now it’s the turn of Smart Communications to announce any developments with respect to the availability of the iPhone 4S on the network.

The Philippines is part of the countries that will be launching the iPhone 4S.  The other countries in this batch are Brazil, Russia, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and Taiwan

Nothing has been announced by the two networks yet as to the plans and price of the iPhone 4S.  Pricing is where the real battle will be fought in my opinion.

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  1. I hope Apple would recognize the untapped ‘Greenhills’ market as well, to ensure that the whole product experience is delivered across the market. How? IDK. LOL.

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