Instagram for the Web Gets Major Update, Now Features Feeds


We know Instagram to be a mobile app.  It started as a mobile service and it wants to remain that way, if it only had a choice.  From the start, Instagram’s focus was on offering a mobile-only experience, consistent with the creators’ idea that Instagram is essentially about taking and viewing photos on-the-go.  The demands of users for a web experience similar to that offered by the mobile app possibly triggered the move to introduce major changes to the web version of Instagram.


Instagram recently announced that it has introduced a feature which allows users to browse feeds on the web similar to the way photos are browsed on the mobile app. Previously, only the viewing of user profiles was allowed to be done on the web, with every other feature restricted to the mobile app.  The introduction of Instagram feeds to the web experience means users can now view photos the way they would on the mobile app.  Users may also like photos and enter their comments, again, just like they are allowed to do on the mobile app.  According to the people behind Instagram, the reason for the improved web experience is to expand the accessibility of Instagram to as much users as possible.    However, the thing that users still won’t be able to do on the web is upload photos.

To experience Instagram on the web, go to and log in using your user name and password.  I see this as an ideal way of viewing photos if you are in front of a computer since they would be bigger and therefore more detailed.  Instagram on the web is just like the mobile app, with all functions available except, as already mentioned, the uploading of photos.  Users can therefore browse through the latest photos, like the photos by double clicking on them or clicking on the like button, and even leave comments.  For users who want to simulate the feed on the mobile version, Instagram for the web can be reduced to a single column.

The introduction of web feed for Instagram enhances the user experience.  I’m excited that I’ll finally be able to view photos on a bigger screen.

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