Globe: Free Facebook is back… starting next week.

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Globe is bringing back free Facebook service to their subscribers starting next week. After MVP announced that Smart is giving away free internet (albeit 30Mb limit) to its prepaid subscribers last week, Globe issued a statement in response. The statement was published in full by Yahoo (here’s the link). Retaliatory messages aside, the Globe is right about one thing: that more people on the internet is good for the Philippines and our ecosystem.

Anyway, besides the image posted on Globe’s FB page (with the message “FREE Facebook with no strings attached is Wonderful. Share, like, and chat on FB without counting MBs. Only from Globe.”) and the hashtag FreeFBisBACK, the Ayala owned telco released no other info about their promo.

Honestly, I hope the competition between the two telcos escalate further and faster. In the end, the only winners will be us, the consumers.

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