Samsung releases fix for missing Quick Settings toggles

The last weekend, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users began losing some toggles on their quick settings. I was able to experience this myself and was surprised to see the Mobile Data, Mobile Hotspot and Private Mode toggles were no longer there.


A temporary fix was posted by a senior member from XDA. It brought back Mobile Data, but not the others. A few days later, Samsung released an app on the Galaxy Apps store called QuickPanel Restore. Its only purpose was to bring back the missing toggles.

Seeing as this is an official fix, I downloaded the app and installed it on my Galaxy S6. The app just has a “restore” button. As soon as I tapped it, the missing toggles appeared, and a prompt to uninstall the app popped up. And that was that — missing toggles fixed.

Samsung-Fix (4) Samsung-Fix (3)

I have no idea what happened. I read in one thread that Lollipop was to blame, and it had something to do with unused toggles disappearing after a period of time. That was not the case in my experience as I’m always switching my data on and off. But at least Samsung fixed the issue, and that’s good enough for me.

Missing toggles fully restored!
Missing toggles fully restored!

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