Rhinoshield is here in the Philippines

Billed as the World’s Strongest Bumper Case and Screen Protector, Rhinoshield is now available in the country. The accessories were brought here by Macpower, the same people who brought in the Fluxmob Bolt. The Rhinoshield’s bumper case and screen protector set a new benchmark in protection through it’s impact absorption and dispersion capabilities.


Impact Protection Screen Protector

Rhinoshield screen protector can absorb and effectively disperse impact, reducing the chance of a screen from shattering. The specially designed shock dampening layer can take at least 5 times the impact energy than even most smartphone displays. It is scratch resistant and oleo phobic (oil resistant), and has a clear and smooth texture.


The good people of Macpower showed us what it can do. They dropped a half a pound steel ball from a height of around 6 inches directly on top of an iPhone with the Impact Protection. The screen didn’t shatter and suffered no scuffs or scratches. A test screen shattered when dropped with the same ball at the same height.


Crash Guard Bumper Case

The Crash Guard bumper case features Rhinoshield’s Eggdrop technology, designed to absorb almost 90% of an impact of a dropped phone. It is made from a premium grade poly-carbonate derived hard-shell and a proprietary shock absorbing polymer. It’s honeycomb structure also acts like an airbag dispersion compartment that absorbs 10-15% more of the impact of a drop.


The bumper case features a one piece construction and uses a minimal design approach. It covers as little of a device as possible. It weighs in at 12 grams (as much as a pen or pencil) and is just 2.5 cm thick.


Again, Macpower showed us how much protection one can get from a bumper case… by throwing a Crash Guard equipped iPhone around. Yes, they threw it around like a hot potato anywhere from waist height and up. Of course, the iPhone survived without any damage to the screen.


The Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper Case and Impact Screen Protectors are now available at Lazada, Applewerks, Power Mac Center and other leading gadget stores nationwide.

The launch event was held at the New Port Cinema in (whispering in a creepy kids voice) Resorts World Manila, where they treated the members of the blogging community and the media to the Ant Man movie. It’s a highly entertaining film and we recommend everyone to watch it.

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