Good news for fans of Minecraft. As reported by Gamespot, the popular game is coming to Nintendo Switch. 4J Studios, the developer behind the Xbox 360 Minecraft, tweeted a photo that shows the game working on the new console. The game already has a page on Nintendo’s list of upcoming games.


Its no surprise that Minecraft is coming to the new console. The game, which originally debuted on PC, has a huge fan base. It sold over 106 million copies and is considered the second best selling video game of all time. Minecraft is available on major consoles and handhelds, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming console from long time video game company Nintendo. The new console can be hooked up to a TV, or played like a handheld. Priced at USD 300 (or roughly PHP 15,000), the Nintendo Switch will launch in the US on March 3, 2017.

nintendo switch

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