Xiaomi files patent for pop-up design with 7 cameras

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How many cameras is too much cameras? Maybe Xiaomi can answer. Recently, the Chinese company filed for a patent for a phone design that features a pop-up module that holds seven cameras.

Xiaomi’s latest patent filing was authorized by the China National Intellectual Property Administration or CNIPA, and it shows a pop-up mechanism that houses seven sensors — two in front and five at the back.

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Unlike the current crop of pop-ups, the pop-up mechanism is wide and takes up almost the entirety of top of the phone. It sits flushed with the frame when the mechanism is not raised. It also allows for a very spacious display free from notches or punch holes.

Xiaomi Five Cameras Patent

Aside from the seven cameras, Xiaomi also patented a similar design with dual front and back cameras, and another one with dual front and three rear cameras.

Since this is just a patent filing, it remains to be seen if we’re going to see this on a real phone. But it sure would be interesting if it did. Imagine the possibilities.

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