Samsung and Apple seems to think so, if rumors are true.

A report from ETnews, who cited industry sources, says Samsung might soon stop bundling chargers with their smartphones starting next year. The reason behind this is that they claim most users already have one or two USB Type-C chargers in their possession.

The move, if it happens, could not only save Samsung some money, but also cut the cost of the smartphones itself.

Still, having an old charger to use on a new smartphone may not all be that good as newer models tend to have faster charging speeds that only new chargers could provide. Plus having to shell out extra money for a new charger is definitely irritating.

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If this is true, Samsung will probably bundle the chargers on some handsets. It might even be done per region, as users in other countries may or may not keep chargers after they dispose of or sell their old phones.

Samsung wasn’t the only one who thought about removing chargers from retail packages. There were reports that Apple is considering this for the iPhone 12 series.

Analysts are saying that the upcoming iPhone 12 will come with just a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, removing the charger and the earphones from the retail box.

What do you think? Are you for Samsung and Apple forgoing the charger if it means making the handsets cheaper?

Personally, I think I like the idea.



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