GCash is down, possibly till Christmas

E-wallet app GCash earlier reported that their services are temporarily unavailable. The advisory was posted on their various social media pages, confirming the issue.

The issue couldn’t come at a worse time, as we are a few hours away from Christmas evening. For affected users, GCash advises that your funds are safe and will be processed within the next 24 hours. Reported issues include unreceived funds to and from accounts, problems with loading accounts, and more.

For now, we’d like to remind everyone affected to stay calm. It is Christmas, after all. Funds that float don’t get lost. They’ll come back eventually.

To minimize inconveniencing yourselves, refrain from using your GCash for now. Don’t transfer funds to and from your accounts, and don’t reload until everything is resolved.

We’ll update this post once we get more information about the issue.

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