Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review

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TL;DR: Sudio Femtio Bluetooth speaker review: Sounds great for the price.

The local audio market is flooded by Bluetooth speakers, making the task of finding one that sounds good with the looks to match a difficult task. Enter Sudio, a Swedish audio company that’s slowly making its way to the Philippine market.

Sudio reached out and offered to send us the Femtio Bluetooth speaker for review. Admittedly, I was expecting another run-of-a-mill speaker. But a quick Google showed how wrong I was.

The speakers looked gorgeous with a decorative flare. So it got me excited to see how well they perform. After putting it through its paces for a week, I got the answer I was looking for. They are surprisingly good.

The Sudio Femtio is priced at Php 6,600 in the Philippines. For the price, it features a compact design and boasts a powerful set of speakers.


The Sudio Femtio features a compact tube design with a dark gray fabric. It sits on top of a rectangular base that holds the battery, propped on four small rubber feet that give it stability.

The speakers on each side have a gunmetal design, giving it that elegant and premium aesthetic.

Sudio Femtio Review

A 3.5mm audio jack and a USB-C port for charging are found at the back, protected by a thick rubber flap. It’s pretty secure to the point that I had difficulty opening them.

The rubberized control buttons at the top are nicely space and quite easy to distinguish, even when you’re not looking. The buttons are very tactile and offer a nice, comfortable feel when pressed.

Press and hold either +/- volume controls lets you skip a song or go back to the previous track. Long pressing the Play/Pause button activates Siri or Google Assistant.

The button on the far left is the pairing button. Double pressing activates the pairing mode. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.

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The speaker has an IPX6-certified body offering adequate protection from splashes and dust. This means you can place your Femtio in the bathroom or the kitchen, and bring it outdoors like the poolside or even the beach.

Audio Quality and Performance

Sudio was not clear what kind of speaker setup it uses, but it appears to be two satellites — one on each side — with a 10W x 10W output. Suffice to say, these are powerful, despite the compact size.

Sudio Femtio Review

Audio quality is surprisingly good (and surprisingly loud). They have a warm sound signature, offering good bass. It does get distorted in bass-heavy tracks, especially at full volumes. But overall, these are a good-sounding pair.

Sudio claims a battery life of up to 14 hours, which I can attest to. During testing, the Femtio lasted for a week with a couple of hours of use a day.


The Sudio Femtio is a wonderful Bluetooth speaker with the performance to match. It has an elegant design that will good in a living room or a nightstand. The sound quality is decent with good bass and loud volume.

For the price, it’s not short on features as well. You get IPX6 protection, Bluetooth 5, Siri and Google Assistant support, a long battery life, and a USB-C charging port.

Sudio Femtio Review


The Sudio Femtio comes in 3 colors — black, silver and anthracite — at a price of Php 6,600. You can check it out here. Use the code tbcsudio15 to get a 15-percent discount on the retail price.

Sudio offers free shipping with 3 years warranty — which you can get by logging on to Sudio Sphere and creating an account.

Sudio Femtio specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Output: 10W + 10W
  • Playtime: Up to 14 Hours
  • Codec: APT-X
  • Water Resistance: IPX6
  • Others: Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, Built-in Mic, USB-C Port

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