The average Filipino has to work for 90.9 days to afford the new iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has recently launched the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. As expected, the new devices are pricey, especially here in the Philippines. And for Filipinos to be able to afford the iPhone 14 Pro, they need to work a back-breaking 90.9 days.

In the Philippines, the iPhone 14 Pro 128GB is priced at Php 70,990. Converted to USD, that is around USD 1,244, which is almost USD 250 more than its US price of USD 999 (without tax).

According to Picodi’s iPhone Index 2022 report, the average Filipino needs to work for 90.9 days to be able to afford the latest iPhone 14 Pro, provided that all the money earned will go towards the purpose. Compared to 2021, the number of days required increased by 0.7 days.

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Our closest neighbors in Southeast Asia fared much better, with Singapore needing only 7.6 days, Hong Kong only 11.2 days, Taiwan with 17.2 days, Malaysia with 29.2 days, and Thailand with 48.7 days.

Among the countries included in the ranking, the best result was Switzerland with only 4.6 days. While the worst was Turkey, where its citizens need to put in 146.7 days of work. The Philippines is second worst at 90.9 days, and the third worst is Brazil with 74.2 days.

Report says the average Filipino has to work for 90.9 days to afford the iPhone 14 Pro

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