YouTube is testing playing 5 ads before a video starts

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YouTube is silently testing a new ad format, now playing 5 ads instead of 2, before a video starts. As if 2 are not enough, now you’re getting 5.

The ads are on the free version of YouTube. Unfortunately, the 5 ads are unskippable, meaning you have to go through them before you can watch your YouTube video. It was first noticed by some users who took to Twitter and Reddit to complain.

According to YouTube, the “5 ads that play before a video starts” are bumper ads, which run up to 6 seconds each, comparable to two 15-second videos, or just one long 30-second one.

As you may know, playing ads is the video platform’s biggest money maker, which makes this move rather unsurprising, if not irritating.

The new ad format is apparently shown to a small number of YouTube Free users. It’s likely going to be rolled out to all users soon.

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If you don’t like ads, you can sign up for YouTube Premium. In the Philippines, it is priced at Php 159 per month and offers ad-free and background play, downloads for offline viewing, and access to YouTube Music Premium.

They also offer a Family Plan for Php 239 per month, wherein you can add up to 5 family members in your household; and a Student Plan for Php 95 per month (for eligible students only).

YouTube Premium offers a 1-month trial, so you can try it before you buy.

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