GCash will soon add stock trading to its app

GCash will soon launch an in-app service that will allow its users to trade stocks. GStock is supported by Philippine Stock Exchange and powered by local brokerage AB Capital Securities. It will be available sometime in early 2023.

Once available, GCash users will be able to use GStock to buy and sell stocks in real-time, straight from their smartphones.

Apart from trading, users will also be able to monitor pending trades, monitor portfolio performance and returns, and access stock watch lists, direct research reports, real-time quotes and live stock charts, as well as view analytics, news and disclosures, and daily and weekly market reports.

Once available, the trading platform will be open to all fully-verified GCash users. No bank account is needed.

Currently, those looking to earn money on GCash can use GInvest. With a minimum investment of Php 50, you can choose to invest in a number of funds available on the platform.

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Your GCash account needs to be fully verified to access GInvest.

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