LTO will use handheld devices to issue traffic violation tickets next week

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will begin issuing automated tickets to traffic violators next week as part of the agency’s digitalization and anti-corruption efforts.

According to the LTO, enforcers will be issued law enforcement handheld mobile devices (LEHMD) that will be used to issue electronic Temporary Operators’ Permits (TOP), replacing handwritten TOPs. Once a violation has been entered into the system, it can no longer be tampered with.

The device uses two mobile data SIM cards for internet connectivity. Once connected, it will transmit all data to LTO’s servers. The LEHMD, however, can still issue a traffic violation ticket even without a data connection, if needed.

Apart from issuing TOPs, the device is equipped with a camera and a fingerprint scanner to verify the authenticity of a driver’s license. It can also do face recognition.

LTO will use handheld devices to issue tickets next week

The LTO adds that the second stage of its digitalization is to enable online payments for fines and penalties upon apprehension.

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In preparation, the agency has been retraining its law enforcers in the usage and operation of the LEHMD. The devices were also field tested to ensure they works once rolled out.

Image: LTO Facebook

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