YouTube testing “1080p Premium” video quality on mobile

YouTube is testing a “1080p Premium” video quality on its mobile app, described to have “Enhanced Bitrate”. The new tier will be there alongside the regular 1080p video quality and will be available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

According to This is Tech Today, the 1080p Premium tier was spotted by Redditor u/KZedUK, and might be used to address those who want better bitrates on 1080p quality without switching to a higher 1440p or 2160p.

YouTube testing "1080p Premium" video quality tier on mobile

YouTube is adding more features to its Premium subscription alongside from ad-free playback, offline listening and background play, and access to YouTube Music. Previously, there were reports that they were planning to put 4K video quality behind the paywall. They also tested adding more ads before each video.

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Premium subscribers can access experimental features as well. Right not, you can try queue videos on both Android and iOS apps. However, the feature already exists on the web version of YouTube.

YouTube Premium is priced at ₱159 per month, and comes with a 1-month free trial.

Image: Christian Wiediger (Unsplash)

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