Metro Manila to adopt single ticketing system for traffic violations in September, says MMDA

MMDA to implement unified ordinance violation receipt and consistent fines and penalties for traffic offenses in the region.

Starting September, motorists in Metro Manila will have to follow a single ticketing system for traffic violations, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

The single ticketing system, which was approved by the Metro Manila Council in February, aims to harmonize the existing national and local laws on traffic enforcement and establish an effective transport and traffic management system in the region.

Under the single ticketing system, traffic violators will be issued a Unified Ordinance Violation Receipt (UOVR), which will feature the logos of MMDA, Land Transportation Office (LTO), and 17 Metro Manila local government units (LGUs), as well as unique serial numbers. The UOVR will be recognized by deputized traffic personnel as a valid traffic citation receipt and temporary license in Metro Manila.

The single ticketing system also provides consistent guidelines for fines and penalties for various traffic offenses, such as illegal parking, reckless driving, overloading, obstruction, counterflow, and failure to use seatbelts or helmets. Fines range from PHP 500 to PHP 10,000 depending on the violation and number of offenses incurred.

MMDA acting chairman Don Artes said the single ticketing system would help reduce confusion among motorists and enforcers, as well as minimize corruption and improve transparency in traffic management.

He also urged motorists to familiarize themselves with the new system and follow the traffic rules and regulations to avoid inconvenience and hassle.

The single ticketing system will be implemented in the first quarter of 2023, after the completion of the information technology infrastructure and database integration among MMDA, LTO, and LGUs.

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