GCash for Business revolutionizes customer experience for Philippine enterprises

In the fast-evolving landscape of commerce, customer experience stands tall as the linchpin of success. Recent studies, including one by PwC, underline the indispensable role of exceptional service in fostering customer loyalty.

A staggering 16% premium on pricing is willingly paid by customers for superior service, emphasizing the pivotal nature of this factor in the consumer-business relationship. Moreover, a single unfavorable experience compels 32% of customers to sever ties with a beloved brand. The Temkin Group reinforces this notion, revealing that loyal customers exhibit significantly higher repurchase rates, product exploration, and brand advocacy.

In response to this reality, GCash for Business organized the “Experience Easy” Business Summit, a pivotal initiative designed to equip Philippine enterprises of all sizes with solutions tailored to the intricacies of a discerning local market.

Experience Easy with GCash for Business

With mobile usage accounting for about 70% of internet traffic and with a projection to increase in the coming years, businesses have ample opportunities to offer meaningful experiences to their customers. However, with countless channels to choose from, creating such experiences can become overwhelming and expensive.

With a multitude of financial products and services available for every Filipino, GCash for Business makes it easy for companies to effectively engage multiple customer touch points and address critical challenges to achieve specific goals.

Seamless Payments, Seamless Experience

In the burgeoning eCommerce landscape of the Philippines, where barriers to transactions impact purchasing behavior, GCash for Business emerges as a catalyst for a frictionless experience. Boasting a user base numbering in the millions, the platform facilitates swift online transactions through Webpay or in-store via the Scan-to-Pay feature.

Recently introduced Scan to Order adds another layer of convenience, allowing customers to order and pay directly on the app, bypassing queues and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Personalized Advertisements for Maximum Impact

In an era where customer loyalty is elusive, personalization becomes a strategic imperative. GCash for Business Ad Solutions empowers companies to craft tailor-fit and timely messages based on customer behavior.

The platform provides easy access to promotional solutions, including affinity targeting, geo-targeted ads, and hyper-AI ads, ensuring precise and impactful communication with the intended audience.

Flexible Installment Options for Financial Freedom

In a competitive environment where every sale matters, businesses can empower budget-conscious customers with flexible payment plans. Eligible GCash users can avail themselves of GGives, an easy-to-pay installment plan, or GCredit, an extended credit line. This approach not only converts visits into sales but also affords customers the freedom to manage transactions effortlessly.

Efficient Disbursements for End-to-End Satisfaction

For a truly holistic customer experience, businesses must extend positive engagement beyond the point of transaction completion. GCash for Business Funds Disbursement Solutions offers diverse options for online or offline transactions, eliminating the hassle and risks associated with cash handling, especially for substantial payments.

Enhanced incentives, such as customizable vouchers and the availability of a GCash Card, further enable businesses to facilitate convenient and rewarding experiences for customers throughout their purchase journey.

In a landscape where technological prowess abounds, GCash for Business emerges as a beacon, offering not just transactions but transformative experiences. By embracing this platform, businesses in the Philippines can leverage the popularity of digital payments and online transactions to deliver seamless, flexible, and rewarding interactions to millions of Filipinos. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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