SC ruling on traffic tickets not final, MMDA says

MMDA still has power to regulate traffic and pass resolutions.

The Supreme Court (SC) ruling that bars the Metro Manila local government units (LGUs) from issuing traffic violation tickets is not yet final and binding, says the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said in a press conference on Wednesday that the traffic enforcers of the Metro Manila LGUs can still apprehend traffic violators, pending the finality of the SC decision.

The SC ruling also affirms the MMDA’s power to regulate traffic and pass resolutions through the Metro Manila Council. He said that the SC reversed its earlier decision that denied the MMDA’s legislative powers. “What is important is the recognition that the MMDA, through the Metro Manila Council, has the power to pass resolutions regarding traffic,” he said.

Artes added he will convene the Metro Manila Council to discuss the implications of the SC ruling and the options available to them.

The Metro Manila Traffic Code, which includes the single ticketing system (STS), should be followed by all traffic enforcers and motorists. The STS, established in 2023, aims to harmonize the fines and penalties for traffic violations and ensure interconnectivity among the government agencies involved in transport and traffic management in the metropolis. The STS has been implemented in 15 Metro Manila LGUs so far.

For their part, the MMDA will prepare for the possibility that the SC ruling will become final and executory. They will study and plan for the deputization of local traffic enforcers in Metro Manila, which will enable them to issue citation tickets.

Artes admitted that the MMDA lacks the manpower to handle traffic in all areas of Metro Manila, and that they need the help of the local traffic enforcers, especially on inner roads.

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