Ghostbusters-themed navigation is now available on Waze

Who you gonna call?

You can now use a Ghostbuster-themed navigation option on Waze. The new theme features Ray Stantz, voiced by Dan Akroyd, from the original Ghostbusters team, and the Ecto-1 car icon.

The collaboration comes ahead of the upcoming Sony Pictures movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which will be showing in theaters starting March 22, 2024.

Ray Stantz brings his knowledge of the occult during drives with updates like “On this drive, I’ll be giving you directions verbally. Please ignore any clairvoyance or telepathic communications. That’s not me. That’s a mischievous spirit,” and “Both the psychometric and ectoplasmic energy valences in this cul-de-sac are off the charts!”

You can also choose “Spooky Mode”, which shows Mini-Puffs instead of the usual icons of drivers on the Waze map.

To choose Ray Stantz as the voice for navigation, go to Waze> Settings> Voice and sound> and choose Ray Stantz on the list. To choose the Ecto-1 as your car icon, go to Map Display in Settings, then Car Icon to change it.

Waze also features Po from Kung Fu Panda as another option for voice navigation, and a Panda Van for the car icon.

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