DTI and TikTok eye Content Creator Academy to boost PH e-commerce

DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual called the collaboration a "pivotal step" for the country's e-commerce sector.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is exploring a potential collaboration with TikTok to establish a Content Creator Academy in the Philippines.

This initiative was discussed during a meeting between DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual and TikTok representatives in Singapore on June 5.

The meeting aimed to strengthen the existing partnership between the two and explore ways to develop the Philippines’ digital economy further. Secretary Pascual emphasized the importance of this collaboration, calling it a “pivotal step” for the country’s e-commerce sector.

DTI highlighted the potential of an academy that can nurture Filipino talent and creativity, specifically through TikTok. This aligns with the E-Commerce Philippines 2025 Roadmap, which emphasizes empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly in rural areas.

The agency also acknowledged TikTok’s support for various initiatives, including being a major sponsor of the upcoming first Cashless Expo, participating in the memorandum of understanding signed with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines to combat online counterfeiting, and its compliance with the Vape Law by removing content and products related to vape sales upon request from the agency.

TikTok debuted in the Philippines in May 2017. The TikTok Shop launched in the country in April 2022.

Source: DTI

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